Dinesh Desai (AdisnanuParu)

Dinesh Desai Youth Leader of Gujarat Yuva BJP and the iconic Youth Leader of Maldhari Samaj Gujarat.

He was born on May 3, 1989 in Odhav near Ahmedabad, but his hometown is in a small taluka of Kalol village named Adisanu paru. The son of a business man Shri Harishbhai Jethabhai Desai and Mother Shri Rewaben Harishbhai who is a housewife. Born in a modest family, Dinesh Desai, a young man who formed the heart of the youth of the entire Maldhari society.

A brief introduction about his childhood where as soon as he was capable enough to think, he has always thought of doing something for the betterment of the nation and growth of the people of the nation.

He joined hands with the youth to bring changes in the country. The youth liked his passion and capabilities that he brought with him self so they supported him in every aspect of his ambitions.

He made sure that the justice is served to the right person and he was very successful in doing that. From helping the MLA of Patan in giving his justice by protesting on the Gandhi chidhya road which gave Mr. Dinesh Desai a lot of media coverage.

This brave act made him popular among the youth. He also helped the 136 wrong fully accused young civilians who were put behind the bars for murder of Rajubhai Kherpur.

Mr Dinesh talked and protested with the authorities and made sure they are taken out of the jail within 5 hours. All of these good deeds made him a strong personality among the entire Maldhari society, the government was also in his favor because of his good deeds.

He has made many organizations for the betterment of the society. Mr Dinesh Desai has also been a part of Young Group of Gujarat. He also handles the work and systems of his Maldhari Society.

Mr Dinesh Desai has also been part of developing and defining the religious part of the society. He has helped in developing the Rabari communities Dugdheshwar Temple of Vadhva district,  Jay Ram Swami Dham of Surendranagar, Titoda of Gandhinagar Swami and the Vadinath Akhada of Mehsana.

Not only in developing, he also believed in these religious places and always prayed in betterment, being the devotee of Shri Visat Melody Temple in the Adosanpara district in Gandhinagar , Mr Dinesh is a great person who believes in the greater power.

The heartthrob of Shri Maldhari society in which Rabari, Bharwad, Ahir and Garhvi Community  chaired the youth and the president of the young  Maldhari Sena Gujarat, whose political career is similar. In 2008 he also joined the Bharatiya Janata Party after the All-India Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) joined the nationwide organization fighting for the 2010 benefit of the students.

Later he became the main member of the youth group in Odhav and handled the responsibilities of booth number 189.While doing the job he was also elected as the main person of the Ahmedabad city in which he did his work from the Bapunagar Vidhansabha, Nikol Vidhansabha and Ghatlodia Vidhansabha.

The Naroda Vidhansabha was also later added to the list. With so many responsibilities, he did his work truthfully and faithfully and hence his hard work came in to notice and in the year 2017.

Mr.Dinesh Desai was made the main leader of the Gujarat Bhartiya Janta Party Yuva Group and also the leader of Patan District Yuva Group.

Seeing the work Mr. Dinesh Desai is doing for the people and acknowledging the noteworthy work that Our Honorable PM Mr. Narendra Modi and Our Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah are doing by running the biggest group in the world which is Bharatiya Janta Party. We also want the youth to be motivated and join the group and do great things for the nation. Just like how Mr Dinesh Desai has made the whole Maldhari Community Proud, the youth of the nation should also make India proud.

Why and How Dinesh has started his political Carrier:

  • Become a Student Leader of ABVP in 2008
  • Become a President of Booth no. 189 Odhav Ward, Ahmedabad in 2010

Current Social Activities

  • President of Maldhari Sena, Gujarat
  • State Executive Member of BJYM Gujarat Pradesh
  • In charge, Patan District of BJYM Gujarat Pradesh
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  • Empowering youth to transform India into a stronger and prosperous global power.
  • Nation power to make world power
  • To make entire Maldhari society united
  • To create Glory of india by uniting youth of state and nation